What's a ceramic coating and what does it do?

Our coatings are a range of solvent free or waterborne that are formulated and produced for the ultimate protection of your interior and exterior of all vehicles in ALL weather conditions. We use the best combination of premium coating products that are easy and safe to use, but retain excellent quality for your vehicle. With the duration of your choice of ceramic coating, there will never be a need to wax your car.

Ceramic coating improves resistance to: 

Acid Rain
Bird/Tree Droppings
Brake Dust
Industrial Fallout
Insects and Bugs
Micro Marring
Mineral Deposits
Road Grit, Salt and Tar
UV Protection

Ceramic coating adds:

High gloss
Extreme hydrophobic properties (water beading)
Leaves surfaces extremely slick
Self-cleaning/Ease of cleaning
Scratch resistant


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Price subject to change based on conditon of the vehicle. Warrenty will be voided if not following proper maintenance.

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